Featured Products

Cycle by Eureka

The perfectly diffused direct/indirect illumination of Cycle creates a luminous halo that fills large spaces with presence and simplicity.

Source S4WRD

Meet the first bona fide, white-light LED retrofit for the Source Four® ellipsoidal. Advance any full-size, tungsten Source Four ellipsoidal to LED efficiency in seconds, and without special tools.

Galleon LED by Eaton

The Galleon™ LED luminaire delivers exceptional performance in a highly scalable, low-profile design; ideal for walkways, parking lots, roadways, building areas and security lighting applications.

Rainbow Collection

The dichroic glass process can only be achieved by a handful of skilled craftsmen throughout the world. Viewing this fixture from different perspectives shows a shifting of the 27 colors that exist in every Rainbow Sunrise and Sunset dichroic glass. Click to View PDF

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